How to Use Silly Willy

IMG_0003S Purple Willy  In Use

Silly Willy is a tool specially crafted to grab the attention of young children.  Place your manipulatives inside.  Loop your fingers through the uniquely designed ear loops, hold the body underneath with your other hand, and shake.  “What did Silly Willy have for breakfast?”  Children will find it hard to resist the invitation to reach inside Silly Willy’s mouth and pull out an object.  Even little ones unfamiliar with you, the therapist or teacher, will find words to express names, functions and attributes of your materials.

If attention wanders, just give Silly Willy a shake.  The accompanying sounds of the objects jiggling inside will draw the eye back.  Or give a snugly soft kiss from Silly Willy behind a child’s ear and hear the giggling as your student reaches for another turn.  Then Silly Willy can gobble up requested objects when finished.

If you are using Silly Willy as a tabletop activity, you can place objects on the table and have the child choose the correct ones to “feed” Silly Willy.

Silly Willy is an open-ended language development aid to make your activities more engaging and motivating. Feel free to use any manipulatives you already have in your supply closet.  You can post your ideas for use on the Silly Willy and Friends Facebook Page to inspire others! Please “like” and “share” so others you know can enjoy Silly Willy and Funny Frog too! Pinterest is a great place to share your pictures!