IMG_0519Congrats are in order for Sharon S. She won a beautiful blue Silly Willy at the one year blogiversary give-away over at .  Check out the review at:

How do you feel about using manipulatives (objects, items related to your lesson, fun things to handle) to promote language development?  My personal view is that improved vocabulary, conversation, and sentence expansion are natural outcomes of the type of hands-on learning provided by your thoughtful choices of therapy materials.  As an SLP, you are probably cued in to every small object or fun item you see (Can I use that for a particular child?).  I have found that moms with kids of a certain age (maybe you) are happy to get rid of the Happy Meal toys cluttering the house.  Yard sales are great as are craft stores like Michael’s. All of your manipulatives are more fun when you use an engaging presentation format like Silly Willy or Funny Frog.