Is this a toy? Well……

IMG_0505Silly Willy was created as a tool for an adult, usually a teacher or therapist, to manipulate to help elicit language and desired behaviors from children on a one-to-one basis or in small to medium-sized groups.  He was created to provide a unique and engaging venue with which to present your lessons and materials.

HOWEVER – Now that I am becoming a grandmother, I have weakened my resolve. I am happy to have anyone, particularly parents of young children and GRANDMOTHERS (!!!), enjoy using Silly Willy and Funny Frog to engage their children. Special treats can be hidden inside. Big brothers and sisters like to keep their special stuff inside too. What fun we can have together!

Silly Willy works well for parents of children with autism to use as “playful obstruction” to getting preferred items.

Remember though, while sturdy and appealing, Silly Willy is not intended to withstand the rigors of a young child dragging him around by the nose! So perhaps keeping him put away for special occasions (like that visit to Grandma) would be best. You decide what’s best for you.